Important Reminder! No Whitelist Weekend Starts Tomorrow!

So, as some of you already know, we’re planning to start a weekly event known as “No Whitelist Weekend” to help get some more members on the server. Basically, the idea is that we’ll temporarily remove the whitelist restriction, allowing anyone to join for a limited time. If this brings in some good people who we otherwise wouldn’t have, we’ll add them to the whitelist when it goes back up  and, simple as that, we have a few more players.

Naturally this plan does entail some risks, since the whitelist is in place to prevent griefers and other jerks from getting on the server. However, we are taking a number of precautions. We’re disabling fire spread and TNT, and since players don’t have access to item spawning anyway, any griefers that come on the server are going to have a very tedious task ahead of them. Add to that the fact we have world backups every 8 hours, as well as rollbacks, and we should be fine.

Still, it is advised that members of the Administration and Moderator Staff be online for several hours a day during this event, to help curtail any undue and rude behavior.

“No Whitelist Weekend” officially starts tomorrow at Noon (Central)/10am (Pacific)/1pm (Eastern)/6pm (UK) and ends Sunday night. I will be online for a large portion of the day Friday to help keep order, and I’ll be monitoring the console window when I’m not online. If you see someone griefing, or just being rude, say something, and even if I’m offline I can still ban them from the console window.

Thanks for your support for the server! Hopefully this weekend goes well and we’ll end up being better off with some new, friendly faces!

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