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Not sure how to use one of the features in Kingdoms of Resdayn? Or maybe you just need help getting started for the first time? Well, look no farther! Here’s the complete list of tutorials for the Kingdoms of Resdayn server.

Books Tutorial:

Since we’ve added books to the server, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about how to use them. Without any further ado, here’s the tutorial.

  • To write a book on the server, you’re first going to need an actual book object. To make a book you’ll need 3 pieces of paper (created from Reeds/Sugarcane). After you have a book in your hand, you’re now ready to write in it.
  • To start out type in the /write command followed by what you want the title of the book to be.
  • Then you can use the /w command to write lines of text into your book. You can also use the “::”  symbol to split your writing into paragraphs.
  • Once you’re satisfied, you can right-click with a book in your hand to read it.
  • Alternatively you can store a book in a bookshelf (max 1 book per 1 bookshelf)  using left-click to store it, and then to read it just use right-click.
  • You can also make copies of a book after it’s been stored in a book-shelf by left-clicking it again.
  • When the author updates the original book again, all copies of that book are also updated, so this makes it possible to use books as a News or Blog service in-game.
  • If you want to remove your book from a bookshelf, hold down shift and left-click the bookshelf. The book will be removed and returned to your inventory.
  • This concludes the book tutorial. Have any questions? Just ask! We’re always happy to help.

Lockette Tutorial:

Need to lock and protect something? With Lockette, the server uses a sign-based lock system to ensure your stuff remains safe. Check out the tutorial below to see how to lock things (and what things you can lock).

  • When you lock something, you need to place a sign labeled [Private] at the top, followed on the next line by your name. You can also include the names of other players you trust below yours if you want.
  • For Doors you can usually place the lock sign above the door.
  • For everything else (like gates) you need to place the sign on the tile in front of the container/gate in order to lock it.
  • This concludes the lockette tutorial. If you have any problems, just ask!

Mcmmo Tutorial:

With mcmmo the server has skills added to the game. These skills range from everything like Woodcutting to Archery. To increase your skill (and thus improve your ability to do an activity) you just have to keep doing it. For a full list of skills, go here: MCMMO Skills Page. With mcmmo, you also have access to special abilities, which you can find out more about here: MCMMO Abilities Page. If you want to learn more about mcmmo in general, go to their wiki.

Mcmmo Repair Tutorial:

In mcmmo, you can repair items using an iron block and the correct materials. To repair an item, simply walk up to an Iron block and right click it with the item you desire to be repaired. If you have the materials needed (and a sufficient skill level), the item will be repaired.

Mcmmo Party Tutorial:

Included with mcmmo is a party-system where players can join/create groups for questing or dungeon raiding or what-have-you. This includes a party-chat that’s separate from the server chat. To create a group, just follow these instructions.

  • Type /party <name> – This will create a party of said name
  • Type /invite <player name> – To invite a player to your group.
  • Type /accept – To accept an invite to a group
  • Type /p – To talk in party chat
  • Type /ptp <player name> – To teleport to the location of another player in the party

Citizens NPC Tutorial:

As of 11/08/11, this feature is not yet available to general users. But in the next week or so, it will be, so here’s a tutorial for how to create npcs on the server.

  • Type /npc create <npc name> <npc dialogue> – This creates an npc. Please note that in Kingdoms of Resdayn, default npcs will cost $500 to create
  • Type /npc add <dialogue> – To add new dialogue to the existing dialogue of an npc
  • /npc reset – Resets all the dialogue for an npc. Use this to delete any pre-existing dialogue.
  • /npc move – Moves a selected npc to your location.
  • /npc talkclose – This enables the npc to talk whenever someone walks near them.
  • /npc lookat – This toggles whether an npc will look at someone when they approach.
  • /npc equip – Enter equipment mode. To equip an npc, right-click it with the item you want it to use.
  • /npc path – Enter npc pathing mode. To add waypoints to an npc’s path, left click on a ground location. To remove a waypoint, right click. Currently, npcs will only patrol in-between two waypoints.
  • /toggle guard – This will change an npc to a guard. Please note that in Kingdoms of Resdayn, the price for an npc guard is an additional $1000.
  • /guard bouncer – This makes the guard a bouncer with the ability to attack certain enemy types who come near.
  • /guard radius <area> – Set the radius of the area your guard should protect.
  • /guard aggro – Sets the guard’s aggro (default is hostile)
  • /guard addflag (-m, -p, -a) <name> – This adds a flag for a guard to attack a certain player/mob, -m is for mob, -p is for player, -a is for everything. Here’s an example: /guard addflag -m creeper This sets a flag for a guard to attack a creeper.
  • /guard delflag (-m, -p, -a) <name> – Remove a flag from a guard
  • /guard flags (-m, -p) – See what flags a guard has on him.

That about sums up NPCs, we’ll be adding more functionality for them later. Note: To select an npc, right-click it with a stick.

Shops Tutorial – Buying and Browsing:

In Kingdoms of Resdayn, certain buildings and stalls are marked as shops. When you enter or leave one, you’ll be notified. While in a shop you can type /shop browse buy – to see what a shop is selling. You can also type /shop browse sell – to see what a shop is buying from players. To sell/buy an item, type /shop sell <item name> <quantity> or /shop buy <item name> <quantity> – and if you have enough of the item/enough money the item will be purchased/sold.

Shops Tutorial – Creating a Shop:

In order to create a shop, you’ll need about $500 first, so keep that in mind. The rest is fairly easy, just follow the instructions below.

  • Type /shop select – This will enter you into shop selection mode. Left-click on the bottom front left corner of where you want your shop to be and right-click on the topmost back right corner. This will set the dimensions of your shop.
  • Next type /shop create <shop name> – To create your shop using these dimensions.
  • To add stock to your shop type /shop add – and whatever’s in your hand will be added to the shop.
  • To set a price for an item (for players to buy) type /shop set sell <item name> <price> <bundle size>
  • To set a price for an item (for players to sell) type /shop set buy <item name> <price> <bundle size>
  • Now, you’ll need to set yourself as the owner of the shop. To do this, type /shop set owner <player name>
  • You can also add managers to your shop who have the ability to add additional stock. Only add people you trust! /shop set manager (+/-)<player name>
  • This concludes the shop tutorial. Having problems or need help? Just ask!

Buying or Selling Houses Tutorial:

In Kingdoms of Resdayn, we use a rather old-fashioned approach to buying and selling buildings. A building that is to be sold is locked on the inside and has a for sale sign with a price listing out front and the name of the player that is selling the property. If you want to buy a building, you’ll need to have the correct amount of funds (though you can try to negotiate with the player) and the player selling it needs to be online. You’ll use the /money pay <player name> <amt> to send the payment for the building to the player. Then that player will take down the locks holding the property and the building is yours! Be sure to always lock your house after buying! Or if you’re making it into a shop, ensure all chests are locked!

TSA (Transport System) Tutorial:

In Kingdoms of Resdayn, each town has a TSA station where you can pay for a teleport to another town/location. To do this, first ensure you have enough money with the /money command, and then right click on a sign labeled “Departure” (below departure is the town/location name and below that is the price of transport). Simple, easy, done.

2 Responses to Tutorials

  1. apoc22932 says:

    Brilliant website and looks like an amazing server too! Just letting you know that I use this on my server for buying/selling properties. Hope this helps.


    I might include MCMMO in mine, it looks quite good.

  2. apoc22932 says:

    Hey, I use this plugin on my server for buying/selling regions (In conjunction with WorldGuard/WorldEdit) and it is automated and very easy.


    I like the look of the MCMMO, might implement that later.

    Hope this helps,

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