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Poll: No Whitelist Weekend This Friday-Sunday

As some of our old timers may remember, one of our recruiting tactics to get new players involves taking down the whitelist¬†temporarily¬†over a single weekend and automatically adding those players we like to the whitelist. During this time period, moderation … Continue reading

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Kingdoms of Resdayn Official Website Going Offline

In the next 72 hours, the official Kingdoms of Resdayn website and forum board will be taken offline. This is part of the process from transferring from our old server location to our new one. Unfortunately our new server location … Continue reading

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Build Competition the Sixth: Update

Update: The build competition, in light of recent server problems, has been pushed back until July 20th. The requirements and rewards remain the same. At long last, with the return of our server world, mods, and even our shops, we’re … Continue reading

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Server Move Complete: New IP Address

Hey everyone, the server move is complete and the new IP address is Our old server will continue to run for another 2-3 weeks before it’s ultimately closed, but no further progress will be saved there. Thanks for your … Continue reading

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Server Move: Current Status

Alright, so currently the server is down. Not because there’s any issues or anything, but because we’re in the process of finalizing the move to the new server location. It’s a lengthy process because we’re moving all the files from … Continue reading

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