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New Voice Chat Server – For Your Communication Needs

Greetings everyone! As some of you might recall, we used to have a TeamSpeak server for voice chat a long time ago. Since July though, we haven’t had a voice chat server, and with how much the server costs, I … Continue reading

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Having Trouble Connecting to the Server?

I’ve gotten multiple reports of players running into “Out of Stream” errors and other Java errors while trying to connect to the server. I’m not sure what’s causing the issue precisely, but the way to fix it is to go … Continue reading

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Special Competition IV – Cooperative Town Build!

Hey everyone, it’s once again time for a new competition! This time we’re doing something a bit different. Instead of the typical unlimited-time Town Build Challenges and the timed Themed Build Competitions, we’re doing a timed cooperative (i.e. everyone on … Continue reading

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Spring 2013 – New Town Build Challenges

In celebration of spring, and also because we were out of town builds, six new town build challenges are available! If you’re new to town build challenges, read this article here to find out how they work. And of course, don’t forget … Continue reading

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Get a Nice Effect for 2 Days!

In celebration of the server update to 1.5 you can get one of these effects for 48 Hours: Speed II Haste II Fire Resistance Water Breathing Just ask me (Shaidon), when ever I’m online to run the Bonus Effect Minigame … Continue reading

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Server Updated to 1.5

Hey everyone, the server is now on Minecraft 1.5.1! Sorry for the wait, it took longer than originally expected but all plugins appear to be working for the moment. As always with an update, if you run into anything that … Continue reading

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