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Narsis - Hlaalu Council

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Request Whitelist: darkelfmodding@live.com or see our forums to make a request.

Kingdoms of Resdayn opened its doors on October 24th, 2011 with the simple premise of being a friendly community survival server with a “Morrowind-ish” theme. Two years later, we’re still around, and better than ever. We’ve opened up two world with Multiworld support, a large world of 25,000 blocks radius and a small one of 10,000 which you can switch between at will. We’ve expanded our competitions, including building competitions, writing competitions and occasional friendly capture-the-flag competition. Our server is open build, you can join a town or city, buy and sell buildings, or go out into the wilderness and build your own town or just build whatever you want. We put few restrictions on what you can do, we only ask that you respect our rules and fellow players. Go out and have fun, that’s what we’re here for. Once you’ve been whitelisted, you’re considered a full “Regular” player, with all the same permissions and opportunities as everyone else, and you get access to a full range of commands (including ten /sethomes that you get automatically).

We have no build standards, all builders are welcome regardless of quality. We have no donation ranks, you will never feel compelled to give us money for commands and permissions that you should have already anyway, this isn’t a pay-to-win server and this isn’t a pay-to-play server either, this is a free server in the truest sense of the term, you need not pay a dime and you can play here for years. We are not a PvP server, we do not condone the murder of our players, but we offer PvP venues such as a PvP Arena and a CTF Arena where you can engage in friendly competition. We are not an RPG server, though we are heavily influenced by Morrowind from the Elder Scrolls series, all of our RPG factions are completely optional and you can choose to ignore them in their entirety if you so desire. What we are is a friendly community survival server, where players know they can trust the staff to respect their property and their rights, and where the players are always happy to help a new player just getting started. If you’re new to Minecraft, our staff and our players are happy to help out, and we have community farms and mines to make the learning process easier for you. We’re a patient bunch, so if you have questions getting started, you should always feel welcome to voice them.

I’ve explained what Kingdoms of Resdayn is, and what it is not, now if you’ll allow me, I’ll provide you with the details of what makes our server unique.

Players are encouraged, but not forced, to participate in one of our numerous community activities, including build competitions, treasure hunts, and writing competitions. Build Competitions happen every month or so, and players are challenged to build a particular type of building using their own supplies. The winners of these competitions get free indie games on Steam and in-game rewards (such as in-game currency, diamonds and special blocks). As for our treasure hunts, these are held off and on and involve players solving riddles to locate the treasure, usually in-game rewards.

Another event we have is called “Town Build Challenges” where the goal is to build a town at a specified location that meets the primary objectives and as many secondary objectives as the player can manage. Once complete, the player (or team of players) is rewarded for every completed objective of building the town, and can choose to spend reward BP (Bonus Points) on additional stuff like extra diamonds or free games on Steam. Some of these town builds are quite challenging, can you build a town of at least six buildings on an isolated desert island? What about building a town on an inhospitable snowy plain? These are meant to be challenging, fun, and rewarding all together.

Finally, we have our latest events, or as I should say, a main questline. Starting October 24th, Kingdoms of Resdayn is introducing a main storyline, an RPG aspect of the server players can either participate in or ignore. Based upon the lore of Morrowind and the events occurring immediately before and after 3E 426, the main storyline follows the tale of Great House Hlaalu and their capital of Narsis. From the time of 3E 426, Great House Hlaalu is at the height of its power, but a quick downfall may well be in the House’s future. The player-controlled factions of the Hlaalu Council and the Narsis City Council meet every month and every week respectively, and together they determine the path the story of House Hlaalu will take, and not only that, they can affect policy decisions in Narsis, adjust server prices of items, and even recall banned players back to the server (some restrictions attached, naturally, including admin approval). The storyline not only adds another fun element to our humble server, but it gives players the opportunity to take on governmental roles and affect meaningful changes in the server.

Ah, and one more point I should mention. Players can also engage in one of our three server-wide newspapers, or go off and start one of their own. Visitors to our capital of Narsis will find news stands in a handful of districts carrying newspapers such as “The Daily Guar”, “The Narsis Times” and “The Hlaalu Gazette” that cover player activities, server news, and the latest competitions. Finally, the comfort of a virtual newspaper in the palm of your virtual hand!

8 Responses to About

  1. The server is looking nice. Hi, I am strattoni on your server. I am here to ask if there is anything I could do to help the blog or the server. Also, don’t question my wordpress ID.

  2. ozzey182 says:

    Hey dark, its ozzey182. My account got hacked and cant retrieve it. Can you make sure all my buildings are safe etc etc. I contacted mojang but i dont have enough info to retrieve the account. Im buying a new account sometime later this week, could it be possible to retrieve all my old levels and stuff?

  3. superc00lblog says:

    Looks like a nice server.

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