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Death, how will be?

Want to ask the players what they prefer: Drop items just like the vanilla, and no option to return to the spot? And make death something to fear about. Death chests, and been able to return. And sometimes loosing the … Continue reading

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Server News: IP Address Change November 29th

On November 29th, 2012, our server node is being moved from¬†Phoenix¬†to LA, part of a plan by our server providers (MPServ) to supposedly improve connection speeds and reduce lag. In any event, this does mean that our server IP is … Continue reading

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Server Updated to Minecraft 1.4.5

After nearly a month, I’m happy to say that the server has finally been updated to 1.4.5, and better yet, all plugins appear to be fully working! No doubt we’ll have to update again soon to a Bukkit Recommended Build … Continue reading

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