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Getting to Know: Crazy7821

Hello everyone its z with the next member to featured in the Getting to Know… series: Crazy7821. So, here you go and enjoy reading about our fellow Minecrafter! Happy Crafting,   Z Username: Crazy7821 Picture: How long have you played Minecraft: … Continue reading

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Wireless Redstone

Darkelfguy has installed a new mod for our server called Wireless Redstone. As the name implies you can transfer currents via signs without the need to connect them with redstone dust. First, we need to create our transmitter.  To do … Continue reading

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Proposed Annexed Addition to Spawn

Hey guys, in the image above you see a territory outlined in red that I’d like to add to the city of Bodrum (aka Spawn). This territory was initially overlooked because of it’s rough terrain, it’s extremely mountainous with a … Continue reading

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Redstone dust (wire)

Lets start with some more basics. When you place (rightclick) redstone dust it becomes a wire. It can connect your power source to the device you wish to power. Let’s take a look at some helpful pictures. In the picture, … Continue reading

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New TeamSpeak Server

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that Sweetsparrow has graciously provided us with a TeamSpeak server for our Minecraft server. So now we have voice-communication for everyone on the server! Very exciting, yes? If you don’t … Continue reading

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The First Writing Competition

“True glory consists in doing what deserves to be written. In writing, what deserves to be read.” – Pliny the Elder Welcome, one and all, to the first official server writing competition! I’m excited to announce this competition as it’s … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Special No Whitelist Weekend

Just to let everyone know, we are doing another No Whitelist Weekend event this weekend, starting Friday (February 10th) at 9am (central) and continuing on until Sunday (February 12th). This means that anyone can join the server during that time … Continue reading

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Getting to know: zrh5033

Hello fellow Minecrafters, I am sure some/ most/ none/ all of you have seen me around the server, specifically in the desert building my tower. Since I like to get to know people I work with, go to school with, … Continue reading

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Hello, from strattoni

Hello, fellow members of the Kingdoms of Resdayn server. I am not very well-known on the server, but I am here to tell stories that will usually have nothing to do with the server. Perhaps I could help write lore, or … Continue reading

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The Fifth Build Competition – Valentine’s Day Special

Welcome to the fifth build competition! It’s been a long time coming, but now that we’re finally finished with the forth competition (after numerous delays), and seeing as how a certain day is quickly approaching, we’re doing another holiday themed … Continue reading

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