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Regarding the Writing Competition and Minecraft 1.2.4

Hello everyone, I’ve been fairly quiet of late (partly due to the lack of news, and partly because I’ve been busy), but I wanted to make a quick announcement regarding the writing competition. Because of the 1.2.3 and the following … Continue reading

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Double doors, 1.2, and XOR circuits

Let’s take a look at a practical build using redstone. We’re going to build a double door that will have two levers. With this set-up the door will open or close no matter what lever you decide to hit first. This … Continue reading

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Fifth Build Competition – Results

The fifth build competition has come to a close, and the judging is now complete. The full scores are posted below. There were 4 entries in the competition this time, with an additional one entry that didn’t quite make it … Continue reading

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The Server and Minecraft 1.2

As I’m sure some of you are already aware, the 1.2 update will be going live for Minecraft sometime today. Our server, however, will not be updating immediately. We’re a Bukkit server, and even though it was announced that Bukkit … Continue reading

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