Kingdoms of Resdayn on Indefinite Hiatus

Today, it is my unfortunate duty to announce that Kingdoms of Resdayn is now officially on indefinite hiatus. To sort of explain, I received a message from the bank last week notifying me that my balance was running low. I immediately made a deposit, but when I started going over the budget, I found that the Minecraft server was by far my biggest non-essential expense, and that there was no way I could continue to afford it in the coming months. Given this development, and the fact that I just don’t have the time to run a Minecraft server properly these days, I’ve decided to cancel the server and put up the server files for download for anyone who wants a copy of the current world.

Indeed, you can now find a Server Downloads page over on the top bar, and you’ll find downloads for the Old World (December 2011~December 2014) and the current world (December 2014~August 2015) on that page. Fair warning, the current world is about a 1gb download and the old world is 32gb-ish.

Now this hasn’t been an easy decision, but the last year has been pretty rough for Kingdoms of Resdayn. Bukkit, thanks to what can only be described as complete stupidity on Mojang’s part, ceased releasing new updates for bukkit servers. We then had to downgrade the server in December due to financial reasons, and of course after that we had to switch to Spigot and lost most of our plugins, which were no longer supported. As if that weren’t enough, many of the plugins we used to employ on the server have now been hidden behind a paywall, like mcMMO, forcing us to either abandon them entirely or use outdated versions that are still free. It really does seem mind-boggling to me that while the whole Skyrim paid mods fiasco was going on, somehow Spigot Minecraft mods went pay-only without anyone noticing. You can check this out for yourself on Spigot’s website (though you actually need to have an account for the paid-mods section to pop up), and a rather large number of mods are now behind the dreaded paywall.

Given all of this and my lack of time and money to keep Kingdoms of Resdayn going, it really only seems prudent to put Kingdoms of Resdayn on hiatus. I’m unwilling to say this is the absolute end to Resdayn, since if I ever do have the time and money again, I’d like to start the server back up, or if someone else wants to take the server files from the download section and start their own servers, they could and in a way that’ll keep Resdayn alive.

And for the record, before someone brings it up, asking for donations will not solve all of the problems Resdayn currently faces. While someone may be able to donate enough money to keep the server going for another few months, given my lack of time and the ever-present need to update and configure plugins and server software, it would really be better off for that person to keep their money and maybe start their own server with the Kingdoms of Resdayn files if they have the time required to dedicate to such an endeavor.

Anyway, I do want to apologize to you all, I know Kingdoms of Resdayn has been a place a lot of you have called home over the past nearly four years, and I know a lot of people, like Japdragon, still had plans and designs in mind for building things on the server, and I hate to pull the rug out from underneath you all like this, but there’s no getting around that the money and time to keep the server going just isn’t there. We had a lot of great times on the server, and a lot of great memories, and with any luck you all will be able to use the server files to keep Resdayn alive well into the future.

Best of luck to everyone, and rest assured this website, and the server downloads, will remain available for a long while yet, so feel free to stop by and let us know if you’ve got a new server up and running or just want to chat!

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