Command List

Here’s a partial command list that all players on the server have access to.

  • General Commands
  1. /sethome – Let’s you set a location as home (Note: you can also use /sethome Name to set a name for your home. You can set up to eight homes).
  2. /home – Teleports you back home
  3. /back – Teleport back to where you died
  4. /help – List of commands
  5. /afk – Away From Keyboard
  6. /compass – Find out where you are
  7. /info – See server info
  8. /list – View all online players
  9. /msg – Send a message to a player
  10. /me <msg> – Type a self-message
  11. /mail – Check your mail
  12. /mail send Player_Name Msg – Send mail to a player
  13. /mail read – Read your mail
  14. /motd – See Message of the Day
  15. /nick – Set a nickname for yourself
  16. /rules – See server rules
  17. /getpos – Get your position in X, Y, Z coordinates
  18. /warp – See a list of warps
  19. /warp Warp_Name – Teleport to the specified location
  20. /tpa <player> – Teleport to a player at a cost of $20 per teleport
  21. /tpaccept – Accept a player’s teleport to you
  22. /tpdeny – Deny a player’s teleport to you
  • Bookworm Commands
Note: Bookworm commands are for regular (non-quill) books, and the advantage they have over Minecraft’s writing system is that they can be copied an unlimited number of times (and can be placed in bookshelves). Of course, you could also use the CopyBook command to copy a quill book if you so desire.
  1. /write -chat – Toggles write chat mode. If you’re writing in a book, you can turn this on to simply type into chat instead of using /write for every line.
  2. /write -read <page> – Read a specific page from the book you’re holding.
  3. /write -title <title> – Set a title for your book.
  4. /write -undo – Undo your last write action.
  5. /write -erase <text> – Erase the specified text.
  6. /write -replace <text> <otherText> – Replace specific text with new text.
  • Copybook Commands
  1. /copybook – Copies the book you’re currently holding and gives you a duplicate. This is an easy way to make backups of what you write, and to share with friends and strangers alike! Note: Only works on Minecraft quill books.
  • iConomy Commands
  1. /balance – View your balance
  2. /balancetop – View top 10 richest players
  3. /pay [NA] [amt] – Pay a player a certain amount of money
  • Shop Commands
  1. /shop select – Select dimensions to create a shop
  2. /shop create [NA] – Create a shop using said dimensions
  3. /shop set owner [NA] – Set someone as an owner of the shop
  4. /shop set manager +[NA] – Add someone as a manager
  5. /shop set manager -[NA] – Remove someone as a manager
  6. /shop add – Add the item you’re holding to the shop
  7. /shop remove [Item Name] – Remove item from shop
  8. /shop set sell [Item Name] [Price] [Amt]- Set a price to sell an item at your shop
  9. /shop set buy [Item Name] [Price] [Amt]- Set a price to buy an item from players
  10. /shop browse – View inventory. Note: To see the next page, type /shop browse #pg
  11. /shop browse sell – View price index for items the shop is buying off players
  12. /shop browse buy – View price index for items the shop is selling to players
  13. /shop buy [Item Name] [Amt] – Buy an item
  14. /shop sell [Item Name] [Amt] – Sell an item
  15. /shop destroy – Destroy your shop
  16. /shop find [Item Name] – Find a shop in your area that carries a specific item
  17. /shop search [Item Name] – Search a shop for an item
  18. /shop sell all – Sell all the items you’re currently holding
  • Mailbox Commands
  1. /mailbox create – Select a chest to mark it as your mailbox
  2. /mailbox send <play name> – Send the item you’re holding to a player
  3. /mailbox remove – Remove your mailbox
  • Party Commands
  1. /party – Shows who is currently in your party.
  2. /party Name – Creates a party called Name, or if Name already exists, let’s you join a party called Name.
  3. /party q – Leave party
  4. /p <msg> – Party chat. This is a private chat between you and the other players in the party.
  5. /invite Player_Name – Invite a player to join your party.
  6. /accept – Accept a party invite.
  7. /ptp Party_Player – Teleport to a player in your party. These are free teleports (unlike tpa).
  • Mcmmo Commands
  1. /<skill> – See your current skill level.
  2. /mctop <skill> – See the top players on the server of a particular skill.
  • Mob Arena Commands
  1. /ma join – Join the default mob arena
  2. /ma join (arena) – Join a specific arena (note: currently there is only the default arena).
  3. /ma spectate – Spectate an arena match.
  4. /ma leave – Leave the arena
  5. /ma players – Shows the players currently in an arena.

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