Kingdoms of Resdayn Back Online

Thanks to a generous donation by Exovian, we now have enough money to keep a smaller server going for at least a couple of months. Right now there’s no plugins installed yet, and the Velothi-Mountains world probably won’t be uploaded for a while until we can get everything sorted server-side. But the server is online, and you can join and play vanilla 1.8 right now.

You can find the new server at this IP Address:

It will take some time to get plugin replacements to restore most of the functionality we had before, and there’s a lot of settings files and config files to shift through, but rest assured we will eventually have things like Essentials, WorldEdit, and LogBlock in the hopefully near future.

For now, Merry Christmas and I hope you guys have fun with the fresh start!

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3 Responses to Kingdoms of Resdayn Back Online

  1. Shaidon says:

    Is a new world? Cause I logged at the middle of nowhere, naked, and without powers. XD

  2. great world…thanks to shaidin. and exo..and anyone else who has joined in in creating our new world…shame on the person who griefed shaidins house he has done a great job making transition eaiser on all .. a little respect if you please…

  3. Shaidon says:

    Thanks for your words, Gregory. I was in such bad mood this morning when I saw that mess. But now is all fixed. Just can’t remember what I had in the chests.

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