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Happy 1st Birthday Resdayn!

One year ago today, Kingdoms of Resdayn was launched with little fanfare and only a small mostly unexplored world. It’s been a long time since we started out, and it’s almost hard to believe we’re still here a year later. … Continue reading

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Server News – Resdayn and Minecraft 1.4

Sometime in the next few days/weeks, Minecraft 1.4 will be released, and for those of you who’ve been here a while, you know the drill. For everyone else, there’s a few things you should know, first and foremost being that … Continue reading

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The Official Writing Contest

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested.” – Sir Francis Bacon As some of you may remember, we attempted to do a writing competition way back in January, but … Continue reading

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Caption Contest 3 AND Building Naming Contest

Hello everyone! Some of you *cough* NESS *cough* 🙂 Have been asking me to post a new caption contest for awhile but I havent gotten any new pictures! Recently I was lucky enough to come across some Creeper massacering and … Continue reading

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Again, More New Town Build Challenges!

Apparently the last five town build challenges didn’t last long, so today I’m adding six more to the list! I’ve also created a page where you can read more about town build challenges if you’re new and find out which … Continue reading

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The Raw Nature Building Contest

So you got all that dirt and though in nothing useful to do with it? This is your chance! We challenge you to be creative with dirt and other raw materials! The rules are: your building area should be at … Continue reading

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