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Server Back Online: Reimbursement Tiers

Hey everyone, after uploading the server backup from Thursday (which took 21 hours, it was a big file), everything appears to be back to normal. We’ve also updated to 1.6.4, which means some mods (like Citizens and Runecraft) won’t work, … Continue reading

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Catastrophic Data Loss

Unfortunately, due to an apparent error with our server provider, they accidentally deleted our server Friday night (the 27th of September). Everything that was on our server node was completely erased, including all online storage backups that are taken every … Continue reading

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The Eleventh Build Competition – Results

The eleventh build competition has come to a close, and the judging is now complete. This time around there were only five entries, quite a dip in participation but there’s always next time! For this competition¬†each entry was judged by … Continue reading

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Minecraft Updated to 1.6.4

As some of you may have already noticed, Minecraft updated to 1.6.4 earlier today, and as always, no the server hasn’t updated yet. Luckily, it’s easy to bypass the 1.6.4 issue and login to the server with the new Minecraft … Continue reading

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Server Transfer Complete

Server transfer has been completed, and all plugins appear to be working (including dynmap). From now on, please use the new IP address to get on the server! Also report any issues that may have occurred from the transfer (such … Continue reading

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