New Players Guide

After you join the server, you’re free to build what you want where you want (as long as it doesn’t damage, destroy or block anyone else’s creations. Griefing is strictly prohibited). We have no restrictions based on your quality as a builder or how long you’ve been on the server, you can start right away. Having said that though, here’s a list of tips, and an explanation of our server economy that should help you get started with relative ease.

  • First Day on the Server: What do you do?
  1. First of all, you should read our rules and tutorials in the spawn room, so you know what’s acceptable on the server.
  2. Once you’re out in the world, you should find a suitable place to start a base (this is survival so beware of monsters!)
  3. Don’t forget to lock your doors! Keep your base protected with a simple [Private] sign above the door.
  4. The rest is pretty simple, build up your base, expand, collect resources, etc… You know, all that Minecraft stuff.
  • Server Economy: How does it work?
  1. Our economy system is pretty straight-forward. You make money (initially) by selling resources and materials you find to Admin Shops or Currency Exchange Centers. You can also make money by killing mobs like Zombies, Skeletons and creepers.
  2. Admin Shops will buy almost everything (not Sand or Dirt though), so sell stacks of materials you don’t need to make some initial cash.
  3. Currency Exchange Centers are where you go if you want to turn those golden bars of yours into some actual money. Currency Exchange rates can vary between cities, so you’ll get more or less depending on where you go. (Currently the Server Town Exchange offers $5 = 1 Iron Bar, $15 = 1 Gold Bar, $35 = 1 Diamond).
  4. Now that you have some money, what do you do with it? In Kingdoms of Resdayn, you can use money to set up your own Shops, buy Houses, Speciality Items, Luxury Goods, Food, or anything else you need. You can even buy NPCs.
  • Server Economy: Shops, shops, shops!
  1. In Kingdoms of Resdayn, you’re allowed to set up a maximum of 10 shops. Each shop will cost $500 to set up, so be sure you have a good location picked out and a good idea of what you want to sell (always keep an eye on the competition!).
  2. To create your first shop, you’re going to need a building or stand first. After all, you can’t really advertise a store location if it’s just a bare patch of dirt!
  3. Use the /shop select command to configure the dimensions of your shop. Then use /shop create [Name] and /shop set owner [you] to get things started.
  4. A full list of commands for shops is available on the server.
  • Server Economy: Buying and Selling Houses
  1. Kingdoms of Resdayn uses a rather archaic system for buying and selling houses and there’s no real automatic system in place yet.
  2. Basically, houses that are for sale will have a For Sale sign out front with some basic information (the price of the building and the name of the player selling the property). Any doors will have locks on them to prevent someone from just stealing the building.
  3. To buy a house, you’ll have to meet with the player and pay the agreed upon price (using the /money pay [Name] [Amt] command)
  4. The player will then remove the locks from the building and you can move in (Always place a Lockette sign on your doors to protect your new purchase!).
  5. It’s not the best system, but it works for now. In the future this system will probably be replaced with the Towny system.
  • Server Economy: Speciality Goods, Luxury Items and More!
  1. What are Specialty Goods? Basically, they’re materials that don’t occur naturally in the game (like sponges) or are particularly rare or scarce (like Mossy Cobblestone or, more recently, Wool and Leather). Every major town has a Specialty Shop where you can buy these items.
  2. Luxury Items, on the other hand, are items like Jukeboxes or Music Discs – stuff that’s hard to make/find but help add that certain air of a proper home to your base. Coincidentally, luxury items are expensive.
  3. TSA – Economy-Based Transportation: You can also use your money to easily jump from town to town using our sign-transportation system. Eventually, you can even buy your own personal two-way sign-transport from an admin (if you own two buildings that are far apart, this makes going in-between a lot easier).

6 Responses to New Players Guide

  1. Fairdot says:

    My mate Frazzley would like to join!

  2. stuffedmunkey says:

    My name is purplelphantitus and i would like to join. sorry if the forum is up for this, i couldnt find it

    • darkelfguy says:

      Hey, I’ve added you to the whitelist! Sorry about the forums, they’re a bit messed up at the moment. If you need any help, just leave a comment on here or talk to one of our admins on the server. Thanks for checking out the server!

  3. stuffedmunkey says:

    hey, can my friend quiditchkid join the server?

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