Server Plugin List

Narsis - Phandhelion DistrictOn this page you’ll find a complete list of active plugins on the server (emphasis on active). This page will change as new plugins are added, discontinued, or temporarily disabled. It should be noted that all of these plugins are server-side only, you don’t need to download anything to play on the server.

  • Citizens – Allows for the creation of NPCs.
  • CommandShops – Allows for the creation of virtual shops.
  • CopyBook – Easy book copying plugin.
  • ColoredSigns – Allows for the use of colors in signs.
  • DeathTPPlus – Creates a death chest upon death that stores your inventory. While this means you don’t lose any items upon death, you do still lose money as a “death fee”.
  • Denizen – Works with the Citizens plugin, allows for the creation of scripted quests.
  • Essentials – Basic commands such as /tpa, /home, /warp, and /back.
  • ForcedGrammar – Auto-Corrector and censor of various words and terms.
  • GenerousMobs – Mobs will give you cash upon death.
  • HorseKeep – Horse teleportation plugin.
  • LogBlock – Anti-Griefing tool, allows for the automatic rollback of any griefer without damaging anyone else’s builds.
  • Lockette – Allows for containers and doors to be made private.
  • mcMMO – RPG skill mechanics plugin, rewards you for getting high in a skill with abilities and various rewards.
  • MobArena – Fight waves of mobs in the MobArena with up to five other players.
  • Multiverse – Multi-World support.
  • PvP Arena – Allows for the creation of arenas, such as the CTF arena.
  • Runecraft – A fun plugin that allows for the creation of runes that can give various benefits and abilities.
  • WorldBorder – Limits the scope of exploration of a world. This is merely for technical purposes, so our server doesn’t get overloaded. Our main world is still set to 25,000 square blocks, so this barely limits you in any way.
  • WorldEdit – Plugin for administrative use, allows us to change and edit various aspects of the world.


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