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A tutorial on how to do something in Minecraft, be it builds, mods, or other things.


Greetings programs! Let me welcome you to the Redstone post. I will be posting and discussing redstone related items here. Some postings will be tutorial, while others will simply be featuring some of the various redstone devices used on our … Continue reading

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Double doors, 1.2, and XOR circuits

Let’s take a look at a practical build using redstone. We’re going to build a double door that will have two levers. With this set-up the door will open or close no matter what lever you decide to hit first.┬áThis … Continue reading

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Wireless Redstone

Darkelfguy has installed a new mod for our server called Wireless Redstone. As the name implies you can transfer currents via signs without the need to connect them with redstone dust. First, we need to create our transmitter. ┬áTo do … Continue reading

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Redstone dust (wire)

Lets start with some more basics. When you place (rightclick) redstone dust it becomes a wire. It can connect your power source to the device you wish to power. Let’s take a look at some helpful pictures. In the picture, … Continue reading

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