The Warp List

Here you can find a comprehensive list of all of our public warps, minus those currently being used by town build challenges. This list will be updated as more warps become available.


Warp: /warp Bodrum

Owner: Server

Description: Bodrum is the current Server Spawn, and the third such city to be honored as Spawn. Originally constructed in the early days of January 2012, the city was designed to be home to server shops, player shops, and player homes. It currently has an Admin Marketplace (for players to sell items to the server), a Specialty Shop (for players to buy items from the server), and several player shops scattered about the city. Due to the rough terrain, the city is rather wide-spread and not very dense, spreading outward from the Spawn center, to the nearby peninsulas and pine forests. The city was named after a fictional town in Morrowind lore, which can be found in the 2920 series of books at The Imperial Library. In the lore, Bodrum is a quiet hamlet along the Pryai River, and it was the site of a major battle between Imperial forces and the Dunmer under the command of Lord Vivec.

Cheydin District

Cheydinhal District

Warp: /warp Cheydinhal_District

Owner: Zrh5033

Description: One of the eastern most districts of the city of Narsis, Cheydin district is home to the notable “Moon and Star” statue of Azura, as well as a handful of various services such as the Retching Netch Tavern, the Cheydin Confectioneries, and the Weekly Whisper newspaper offices. The district also has an admin and specialty shop, and a number of homes for sale, ranging from the small to medium size. The typical house in Cheydin costs anywhere between $10000 and $25000, and is considered a fairly upper-class district. Home buyers should speak to Zrh5033 about acquiring a property.


Warp: /warp Creeperton

Owners: zrh5033, Shaidon, YoungTriizy, KesTheBa

Description: Built in early July, Creeperton is the product of the town’s four owners and their cooperative dreams. Designed to be a small hamlet on the sea, the town boasts a number of attractions, including not one, but two giant statues of Creepers, a church, lumber yard, windmill, and even a player PvP Arena. Services thus far only include an Inn (with a lovely spa) and Shaidon’s Pumpkin Shop, and the town does not yet have an Admin Marketplace or Specialty Shop, though there are plans to add both in the future. Curious visitors may be interested to know that a giant pyramid exists on the edge of town, which boasts a maze for the more daring adventurers to explore.

As this is a semi-private village, perspective builders will have to acquire permission first from the town’s owners before moving in.

Crow’s Nest

Warp: /warp Crows_Nest

Owner: ahawke

Description: Part of the third build competition from January of 2012, the Crow’s Nest is an island tavern that plays host to the numerous pirates of the Inner Sea (more of a lake really, but shut up). Curious onlookers can check out the totally-real-and-not-at-all-fake pirate ship anchored at dock as well as the island’s very safe (and not dangerous) lava lighthouse. Visitors will also be pleased to note that they too can join in the pirate fun with the Inn’s famous discount eye-patches.

Deshaan District

Narsis - Deshaan District

Warp: /warp Deshaan_District

Owner: Darkelfguy

Description: Located in the middle of the city, Deshaan is a closely packed district of upper and middle class townhouses with various gardens and hidden alleyways scattered off side streets. The district is home to the Mage’s Guild, with such services as enchanting, brewing, and a portal to the nether district. One can also find the Chapel of Kynareth in this district, as well as an admin and specialty shop. The typical house in Deshaan District ranges from $4000 to $15000, and would-be home owners should seek out Darkelfguy about buying a house.

East Empire District

East Empire District Skyline

Warp: /warp East_Empire_District

Owner: Darkelfguy

Description: The close-quartered streets of the East Empire District is home to a number of lower and middle class homes, businesses, and the renowned East Empire Company (from whence the district gets it’s name). Imperialistic in it’s style, the East Empire District is crammed with buildings, closing in tightly on the narrow streets below, and most of the empty space not occupied by a structure of some kind has been converted to alley gardens of one sort or another. One can find various services in the East Empire District, such as an admin and specialty shop, but also the Chapel of Julianos, the East Empire Train Station, the Fighter’s Guild, and the Hounded Nix Tavern. Homes in the East Empire District range in price from $300 to $4000, and would-be home owners should contact Darkelfguy about buying a property.

End Gate Estates

Warp: /warp End_Gate_Estates

Owner: Server

Description: The End Gates District is the upper-class section of New Bodrum, built in late August. The district is home to primarily mansions, surrounding a central market court and a crater that leads down to an End Gate to the End (which is where the district name comes from). The central market is home to several NPC traders, as well as player market stalls. This area also boasts the New Bodrum Mages Guild, which doubles as the Resdayn Historical Society. Only the richest of the rich can afford to live here, and any players planning to move in will have to pay a small fortune for the privilege.

Extreme Hills

Warp: /warp Extreme_Hills

Owner: None

Description: Not an actual town or settlement, the entire purpose of the warp to Extreme Hills is currently for easy access to the much sought after 1.3 territory, so players can find emeralds without difficulty. Within days of the opening of the site, however, the area was nearly tapped in mineral resources and has since somehow turned into a desert with included ghost town. How this metamorphosis came about is still discussed heavily by scholars to this day, but leading theories seem to suggest global warming may have been a factor.


Falinesti - Tree of Life

Warp: /warp Falinesti

Owner: zrh5033

Description: One of the only official towns in Jungle world, Falinesti is a giant tree city, created by Zrh during the summer of 2012. The giant tree of Falinesti is host to some of the best views on the server, and at least one world-class diving spot for those who have the courage to take the plunge from the top of the tree to the icy cold water below. Currently, there’s no shops or services in Falinesti, but that’s likely to change in the future.

This is a private town, so would-be settlers will have to seek permission from Zrh5033 before moving in.

Frost District

Frost District - Overview

Warp: /warp Frost_District

Owner: Zrh5033

Description: One of the smaller districts in the city of Narsis, Frost District is primarily composed of small residential dwellings. Two major points of interest include the Chapel of Ysmir and the Water Temple that overlooks the district. Other than that, the district boasts docks with boat rides up and down the central waterways of Narsis, and a capable navigator could even get to the ocean from Frost District. Interested home buyers should seek out Zrh5033 about properties and potential prices.


Warp: /warp Frosthold

Owner: zrh5033

Description: Located in the snowy wastes, just north of Creeperton, Frosthold is a city built and hewn from the cold itself. The village proper is home to numerous houses, an inn, farms that struggle to survive in this tundra enviroment, and a guard house for the city’s primary citizen occupation (hint: most of them are guards). In addition the city also includes the ominous Frosthold Castle that overlooks the village from the mountainous heights. A mage tower, also located on the mountain, provides nether access and magical services. The town, much like Creeperton, does not yet have any Server shops, but may soon well.

As this is, again, a private town, new builders will have to get permission from the owner first before moving in.

Godsreach District

Narsis - Godsreach District

Warp: /warp Godsreach_District

Owner: Irnot

Description: One of the western most district, Godsreach is a quaint upper-class district of large sprawling mansions poking out of the heavy foliage of densely forested streets. Primarily located on both sides of the main river flowing through Narsis, the district can be best described as idyllic and homey, the perfect place for the rich to retire to. Points of interest include the Birns & Noble Bookstore, the Temple of Talos (dominating much of the skyline), and the Admin and Specialty shops. Properties in the Godsreach District range in price from $20000 to $30000, and would-be home buyers should seek out Irnot about acquiring a property.

Hlaalu District 

Narsis - Hlaalu Council Tower Dusk

Warp: /warp Hlaalu_District

Owner: Darkelfguy

Description: The largest district in all of Narsis, the Hlaalu District is, in fact, the old part of the city. Hundreds of years ago, Narsis was composed solely of the Hlaalu District, with newer districts growing outward after a particularly lucrative alliance with the Imperials and the East Empire Company. It should come as no surprise then that the Hlaalu District is home to a number of important structures, not the least of which is the Grand Council Chambers of Great House Hlaalu (as seen above). The Hlaalu Council meets once every month, and many consider them to be one of the most important political groups in all of Resdayn. As goes the Hlaalu, so goes all of Morrowind, or so they say. Other important structures include the Tribunal Temple, where worshipers can gather to seek the blessings of Almalexia, Vivec, and Sotha Sil. The CTF Arena can also be found in this district, right next to the Grandmaster’s Palace, home to the most important person in all of Narsis, and arguably all of Resdayn. Living in the Hlaalu District doesn’t come cheap, houses start at $8000 and can be as expensive as $65000. Only the truly wealthy, and politically powerful, can live here. Would-be home buyers should talk to Darkelfguy about buying a property.



Warp: /warp Idamere

Owner: Keivia

Description: One of the town build challenge entries, Idamere was built on a chain of islands, connected together by docks, bridges, and a local rail system. Most of the buildings of Idamere are built in a tropical style, with roofs made of leafs and open-air windows. The community consists of only about a dozen buildings, including a spleef arena, and currently has no shops. Idamere is a player-owned town, so anyone looking to buy a house should speak to Keivia first.


Warp: /warp Judero

Owners: StLotus, 3rdCoastNinja, Keivia, and Juggalo

Description: Built as a result of the town build challenges, Judero lies in the desert between a rainforest jungle and the ocean, a rather rare occasion where a desolately dry area is almost completely surrounded by a wealth of moisture (Tatooine moisture farmers would find this place to be a paradise). A charming community, the town of Judero has a number of dwellings, an Inn, a desert Temple (dedicated to the desert rose, which is also the town’s flag) and a handful of market stalls. The town doesn’t yet have any Server shops, but again, there’s plans to add them in the future. Potential builders will be happy to note that the owners have marked their town as an open-build area, but it’s still recommended to get permission before building on any particular plot.


Warp: /warp jungle

Owner: None

Description: After the release of Minecraft 1.2, the players on the server wanted a jungle world, so one was provided to them. It took them all of two days to start complaining about how awful a jungle spawn was of course, but none the less the location has been kept as the official entrance to jungle world. Not really an official town, or anything even remotely approaching organized, this warp, while containing a few buildings, is mostly just for people to access the second world, and isn’t really meant for anything else. Besides, who wants to build a city in the jungle anyway?


Kragenmoor - The Plot City

Warp: /warp Kragenmoor

Owner: Everyone

Description: Opened in December of 2012, Kragenmoor is the server’s first plot-based city, where every player is allowed one residential plot and one shop plot. The city was designed to be a community hub, since most cities on the server are either private or don’t allow open building. It was also meant to provide an easy start for new players, since Kragenmoor offers public mines and community farms, so players just starting out have an easier time gathering resources and branching out. Currently, Kragenmoor has a server Specialty Shop, an Admin Marketplace, Currency Exchange, and several player shops.

No permission is needed to build in Kragenmoor, everyone is welcome!

Market District

Narsis - Market District

Warp: /warp Market_District

Owner: Darkelfguy

Description: One of the central districts of Narsis, the Market District is home to several lower and middle class townhouses, and primarily serves as a crossroads for the other districts of the city. The centerpiece of the Market District is the Grand Bazaar, a large structure where players can set up market stalls for free. Other services include the Chapel of Zenithar and the Cliffside Cafe. The typical house in Market District costs between $250 and $2000, would-be homeowners should seek out Darkelfguy about buying a property.

Mori Edhel Edan

Town Competition Overview

Warp: /warp Mori_Edhel_Edan

Owner: Everyone

Description: The result of a special town cooperative build competition, Mori Edhel Edan is a rather large settlement located on the same island as Kragenmoor. Containing dozens of buildings, including a library and lighthouse, Mori Edhel Edan was built by roughly a dozen different builders, and as a result any would-be house buyer will have to try and find the individual builder to obtain a house in this sprawling town. It should be noted that this city is open build, so new comers can just add to the current city if they so desire.


Narsis - Spawn District

Warp: /warp Narsis

Owner: Server

Description: The fourth spawn built for the server, Narsis is a vast and majestic city that spans several hundred blocks, and composed of some 13 different districts and hundreds of buildings. The city is home to the local Narsis City Council, a governing body that oversees server prices for goods and issues general local ordinances. The Narsis warp also has access to such services as an Admin and Specialty shop, currency exchange, library, and several newspaper stands.

NDSU (Renamed Fort Thunder)

Warp: /warp Fort_Thunder

Owners: JFoster

Description: The village of NDSU was built between March and June, but due to corruption of server data, much of it was lost with the May Rollbacks (a time of great terror and much destruction). This town is now a shell of it’s former self, but still hosts a giant floating castle (the best kind of castle!) and a small church, in addition to a handful of homes. The town is now open to public building, any player can come here and build up a plot.

Nether District

Narsis - Nether District

Warp: /warp Narsis_Nether

Owner: Irnot/Darkelfguy

Description: The most dangerous district in the city of Narsis, the Nether District is home to a number of townhouses, temples, and ghasts. Notable points of interest include the temple of Arkay and the shrine to Mehrunes Dagon, home to the legendary Daedric Prince of Destruction. Mostly a lower-class neighborhood, homes in the Nether District range in price from $600 to $6000, with the better properties located near the beaches of the lava ocean. Would-be homeowners that would risk death by ghast, pigman zombie, and the occasional exploding bed should seek out Irnot or Darkelfguy about buying a property.

Nether Village

Warp: /warp Nether_Village

Owners: Strattoni

Description: One of the server’s first villages outside the main world, Nether Village was originally settled by Strattoni, building a small house and farm alongside a rather large lava lake. Others have since come and settled in, and now a handful of player houses scatter around a small central plaza (easily identified by it’s inclusion of a Christmas tree, somehow entirely appropriate to the surrounding hellish scene). Unfortunately, the area has fallen into disrepair due to abandonment, and desperately needs new residents. Potential builders should seriously consider building their homes along this lovely stretch of lava lake.

New Bodrum

Warp: /warp New_Bodrum

Owner: Server

Description: Built to unburden Bodrum proper from it’s current real-estate crisis, New Bodrum is home to dozens of player houses and shops, in addition to the New Bodrum Library, an Inn (The Glory Ride), and Server shops (including both an Admin Marketplace and Specialty Shop). The city’s primary attraction is the player market square, where players can buy up the shops along the waterfront, or claim a market stall for free, insuring that potential customers can easily locate player goods. Located across the bay from Bodrum, New Bodrum is just a walk away from the old city, giving it the feel of a continuous construction.


Oakhill View

Warp: /warp Oakhill

Owner: Keivia

Description: Originally a town build challenge site, the city of Oakhill is a coastal settlement surrounding an old naval fort. So named for the geography of it’s surroundings, Oakhill provides a mix of countryside and close-quartered development, with houses spanning from the more urban to the more rural. Attractions include a town center, market district, gymnastics field, and a lighthouse. The area is closed-build, so interested settlers should seek out Keivia’s permission first. Likewise, any home buyers will need to seek out Keivia for property prices.

Oakwood Lake District

Oakwood Lake District

Warp: /warp Oakwood_Lake_District

Owner: Superfantastic

Description: One of the more suburban districts of Narsis, the Oakwood Lake neighborhood was built by Superfantastic and was the first player district to be completed in the city. Lovely middle and upper class homes dot tree-lined avenues, surrounding the central attraction of a tree temple dedicated to the Nordic goddess Kyne. The district has a small tavern and an Admin and Specialty shop, but otherwise is completely residential. Home buyers should see Superfantastic about acquiring a property and price information.


Ore - Evening View

Warp: /warp Ore

Owner: NanduNandu

Description: A quaint mountain village, literally built into the cliffside, Ore is another town developed from the server’s town build challenges. Complete with a harbor, warehouses and a foundry, the city of Ore is known widely as the city of the Forge, where the primary industry is mining and smelting. Houses are available for sale in this fine settlement, but home-buyers should note that they’ll be buying cliffside apartments, and that they’ll need to seek out Nandu first. The area is also closed-build, settlers will also need to ask Nandu for permission before building here.

Phandhelion District

Narsis - Phandhelion District

Warp: /warp Phandhelion_District

Owner: Shaidon

Description: Located on top of the central mountain chain in Narsis, the Phandhelion District is composed primarily of upper class open-air housing. The district is renowned for it’s views of the city, and in addition to a small restaurant, has attractions such as the Temple of Thinder, and a lovely bathhouse where anyone can wash away the sins of the world in a series of hot and cold baths. Houses in this district range in price from $10000 to $20000, and market stalls are also available for would-be shop owners. Interested home buyers should talk to Shaidon about acquiring a property.

Player Plots District

Player Plots District Warp: /warp Player_Plots

Owner: Everyone

Description: Located on the edge of Narsis, the player plots district is where anyone can come and build up a plot as part of a community for new players. Community farms, tree farms, and a public mine are available for residents of this district. Other amenities include a Shrine of Stendarr and a number of newspaper stands. The area is free to build up, and no permission is required before one can start.

Pyne Hylls District

Pyne Hylls District

Warp: /warp Pyne_Hylls_District

Owner: Keivia

Description: A mostly residential district near the player plots district, Pyne Hylls is composed of a number of modular residential dwellings that gradually twist around the mountainside. Home to the city’s mob arena, other attractions include the view from the top of the district, and the unique style of the houses that occupy the continuously uphill-streets. The main services in the district consist of the Pyne Hylls Mining Company, open to residents of the district only. Home buyers should talk to Keivia about acquiring a property.

The PvP Arena 

Warp: /warp PvP_Arena

Owners: Chris

Description: A giant hockey rink, built almost completely in survival mode, was the wonder project of players Chris, TomSan, and donkeyofkong. After they had completed this massive endeavor, they decided to open it up as a PvP Arena, and it became the server’s first such arena. Hockey is, after all, a very violent and bloody sport, so it seems only fitting to use one for wholesale slaughter of one’s foes. Here, players can agree to meet and settle their differences maturely, by hitting each other with a myriad assortment of weaponry and probably calling each other names. It should be noted that while violence of this sort is allowed in the arena (only on the ice!), the server is still primarily PvE and player-killing anywhere else not marked for PvP is considered an offense and could lead to a ban.


Herb and Elvish's Riften 2

Warp: /warp Riften

Owners: Herb and Elvish

Description: Built for the tenth build competition (ultimately achieving fifth place), Riften is a model of the city by the same name found in the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The city and it’s immediate surroundings provide an ideal Nordic scenery, and Riften is often a destination for tourists, and the occasional rogue hiding in the city’s extensive sewer network. Would-be homeowners looking to own a part of this lovely city should seek out Herb or Elvish for pricing information. The area is closed build, so if one would like to build a house in the Riften area, they should first seek out permission from Herb or Elvish.


Warp: /warp Riverwatch

Owner: Server

Description: The very first Spawn the server ever had, Riverwatch is one of the last remnants of the first server world (long since taken offline). As such, it’s rather abandoned, and no longer has any Server shops (despite being a server built town), though there has been some recent discussion of rebuilding the city and restoring it to it’s former limelight. Whether or not something ever comes of that, the city is now kept as a historical reminder of the server’s past, and is available for everyone to visit or even build at if they so desire.

Sandy Dunes

Warp: /warp SandyDunes

Owners: Fairdot and aj

Description: Sandy Dunes, or the City of Light as it is sometimes called, is an npc village that’s been converted into a player town, complete with nether portal and free access to a high-level enchantment table. The town is almost entirely composed of houses, and currently contains no shops, though it does have a rail line to both Bodrum and Terrania (both of which do have shops). The current status of whether or not the town has open building is rather up in the air at this point, so be careful when building in the territory if you’re a potential builder.


Warp: /warp Terrania

Owner: nonaG123

Description: Terrania is the castle-fortress of Nona (aka “The King”), and is currently host to a large number of shops. In addition to an Admin Marketplace and Specialty Shop, it has a number of small player shops where you can find numerous items for sale, and if that wasn’t enough, Terrania also has several resident villager traders for even more deals. At the moment, Terrania doesn’t really have any player houses, but there are plans to include a residential sector outside the walls, and the area is open to free building (assuming you get permission from Nona first).


Warp: /warp Waterwatch

Owner: Server

Description: After the official “release” of Minecraft, the server started a new world in late December, and this town become the server’s second Spawn. Named after the first Spawn city, Riverwatch, Waterwatch is home to both an Admin Marketplace and Specialty Shop, and also features community farms and a Mages Guild. Most of the surrounding area has been built up by players, including numerous houses and one of only a few Spleef arenas on the server. Unfortunately, due to the disaster of the 1.2 Minecraft launch, several player houses were either partially or completely engulfed in flame and burned down before firespread could be disabled. Still, the town remains an open build area and anyone is free to build here.

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