Resdayn Shutting Down

Based on the poll in the forums, it was my intention to keep the server going by starting fresh with a smaller server and world, but unfortunately I’ve received some bad news from the bank and it looks like I will no longer be able to afford keeping the server alive in any form. Long story short, there were a number of unauthorized (or rather subscription-based payments that I hadn’t realized were subscriptions) that ate a large chunk of my extra cash that I had stored for server purposes. As a result, I only have enough for basic services, which means the server will be shutting down after all. A download for the server backup will be made available via DropBox around December 29th, but fair warning it’s 10gb in total size and un-packaged the main world is 20gb, jungle world is 9.5gb and velothi mountains is just under 1gb.

This isn’t the holiday news I wanted to give you guys, but I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do, the money’s just not there anymore… I do apologize to everyone for this unfortunate turn of events.

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  1. Wow…sorry to hear that. Dark. You have done a great service to all of us keeping it going solo for as long as you did…thanks. If anyone starts something new or wants to send an invite to where they may be going drop me a line at…its been fun..thanks again

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