Server Rules

Here you can find all of the major rules on the server. Make sure you understand them before joining the server! We’re not strict, so most of the time if you make a violation we’ll simply give you a warning, but keep in mind that we’re a server built on the concept of a friendly community, there are some things we simply will not tolerate.

No Griefing – Griefing, or the act of destroying other people’s creations, is absolutely prohibited on this server. If you accidently remove a few blocks, and repair the damages, you’ll probably be fine. But for the most part, you must respect other people’s property, and wanton destruction can and will earn you a permanent ban.

No Breaking and Entering – Breaking and entering is the act of bypassing locked or private doors by destroying the blocks around the doors to gain entry to the room or structure. This is also prohibited, you must respect the privacy of other players and leave their personal quarters alone.

No Stealing – Quite often people will leave their personal chests unlocked, especially within their own homes. This does not mean you can waltz in and take what you want. The general rule with chests is, if they’re not marked as a public chest, or if they’re near another player’s building area, leave them alone. Theft of personal possessions is considered a serious offence on this server, and as always you should respect other player’s property.

No Item Duplication – Often there are methods by which a player can ‘cheat’ and duplicate items through glitches in Minecraft. Rest assured, our staff is trained to be able to spot such duplication machines, and if you’re caught with one it will result in a warning or ban.

No Xraying – Xraying involves using client software or texture packs to detect desirable ores in the ground without actually mining at random. This too is considered cheating, and we do have xray-detection software installed. If you’re caught xraying it could result in a warning or ban.

No Trash-Talking/Rude Behavior – Chat spamming, calling other player’s rude names, obscene language and behavior, homophobia, misogyny, racism, intolerance of other’s religious views (or lack thereof) are all prohibited in public chat. You may, of course, say what you want in a private (or party) chat with mutual parties, but that does not mean you can harass people privately at will. If anyone in the private chat complains of rude behavior, you must stop immediately or an admin will get involved and you may be muted.

No Player-Killing – Open world PvP is not allowed on this server. This doesn’t mean you can’t engage in a duel, or play in PvP Arenas. As long as PvP is between mutually-agreeing parties, it’s fine. Randomly murdering other players, however, will not be tolerated.

In general, with all of these rules, we follow a three-strike policy. The first time you break a rule, you’ll receive a warning (except in severe cases where we may proceed with a ban). The second time you’ll be given a temporary ban of between 24 and 72 hours. The third time results in a permanent ban. Most of the time we’re willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and a fair amount of leeway with minor offenses, so there’s no need to panic. Just remember to learn, and avoid repeating offenses.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy playing on the server!

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