Reminder – The Fourteenth Build Competition Ends August 18th

Server News - JulyJust a reminder for everyone, the fourteenth build competition, “Shrines, Temples and the Occult” ends on August 18th! Do remember to post your coordinates, either over on the forums, on the coordinates board across from the temple in Spawn Plaza, or message them to Darkelfguy in game!

In other news, we’ll be re-enabling NPCs and NPC quests again in the near future, as the plugins we were waiting on to update have finally done so. On a similar note, we’re not planning to jump on Minecraft version 1.7.10 quite yet, but we may be doing that in the next week or two.

Good luck to everyone on the build competition!


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The Fourteenth Build Competition – Shrines, Temples and the Occult

Cheydinhal DistrictWell, there’s no denying it, this build competition is veeeeeery late! This competition was supposed to be posted back in April to correspond with the Blood Moon, yet here we are near the end of June! I apologize to everyone for the significant delay on my part in getting things organized and back on track. In any event, I present the fourteenth build challenge!

*Build Challenge – Shrines, Temples and the Occult

This month’s challenge is to build a shrine, temple or something of the occult dedicated to any of your choice of deity, daedra, daemon, or Elder Thing from a long forgotten age. For example, you could build a shrine dedicated to Sheogorath, or a temple of Diabella, or build something from Lovecraftian lore! Anything related to shrines, temples or the occult will be accepted, and as usual, you can use any building material you want provided you get these building materials yourself. Builds will be judged in three categories: Theme (does it match with the theme of the competition?), Effort (how much work did you put into it?), and Design (how well is it designed?). The competition ends on August 18th.


1st Place – A download code for FarCry 3, Grid 2, and Dead Space 2 on Steam, 180 diamonds, $13000 (in-game cash) and 3000xp.

2nd Place – A download code for Hard Reset and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on Steam, 120 diamonds, $10500 (in-game cash) and 2000xp.

3rd Place – A download code for Monaco on Steam, 90 diamonds, $8400 (in-game cash), and 1000xp.

4th Place – 65 diamonds, $5000 (in-game cash), and 800xp.

All Entries – 35 diamonds, $2200 (in-game cash) and 350xp.

*Note: If the winner already owns one of these games, they can request to switch them out with a similar title.
As always, this competition is as much about having fun as it is winning! Good luck!
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Server News – Plugin Updates So Far

The Velothi Mountains

Alright, it’s time for a quick status update of the server. We updated to Minecraft 1.7.9 almost a month ago, and for the most part, there’s only been a few server crashes and general error reporting. As for the state of our plugins, most plugins seem to be working, with MobArena and mcMMO successfully getting updated. Unfortunately, we cannot update Citizens (our NPC mod), Denizens (our Quests mod), Sentry, or Runecraft just yet due to errors with the updates or (in the case of Runecraft and Denizens) because no new versions have been released. I’ll continue monitoring the plugin situation and update everything as soon as it’s available.

In other news, the build competition will be posted (for real this time) on the 26th of June. It’s already written up with a selected theme and rewards, it’s just waiting to be published and officially announced at this point. I do apologize for the delay, this new competition is now two months behind schedule and I cannot account for such lax upkeep on my part. But in any event, it’ll be up for all to see in just a day or two so stay tuned!

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Server Updating to Minecraft Version 1.7.9

Narsis - Phandhelion District

Greetings everyone, I would like to apologize for my extended absence over the past month and a half, I’ve been busy finishing up schoolwork to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, and also fixing my computer after a two-week long interval of overheating and possible CPU damage. But in any event, that’s all over now and I’ll be returning to take care of the server and get the new build competition up (the theme was actually decided on a long time ago and it was supposed to go up a month ago, but I got sidetracked by everything going on in real life).

The real news I have to mention though is that sometime in the next 24 hours, we’ll be updating the server to Minecraft 1.7.9 with the new Bukkit beta build released just the other day. There is a HIGH likelihood this will break some plugins, and chances are we’ll have several plugins that’ll need to be updated or removed, so we may end up taking several days to get everything sorted out. With any luck though, we’ll have the server back in tip-top shape by the end of next week and begin advertising once more.

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The Thirteenth Build Competition – Results

The thirteenth build competition has come to a close, and the judging is now complete. A total of five entries were submitted, but only four were accepted as valid entries with one not meeting the full requirements of the competition.

For this competition each entry was judged by three separate judges and was rated in three categories (Design, Uniqueness, and Effort) on a 1-10 point scale. The theme for this round was Valentines and Brimstone, entries could incorporate either brimstone or Valentines aspects or both. The entry with the most points won.

Without further ado, the results.

Ace’s Underground Valentines

Ace's Underground Valentines

Judge 1: Design – 7, Uniqueness – 7, Effort – 6

Judge 2: Design – 7, Uniqueness – 6, Effort – 6

Judge 3: Design – 6, Uniqueness – 5, Effort – 5

Total Points: 55

Cheese’s Hellish Floppy Bird Valentines

Cheese's Valentines Floppybird

Judge 1: Design – 6, Uniqueness – 7, Effort – 5

Judge 2: Design – 8, Uniqueness – 6, Effort – 6

Judge 3: Design – 6, Uniqueness – 6, Effort – 6

Total Points: 56

Creeper’s Nether Tower of Doom

Creeper's Nether Tower

Judge 1: Design – 8, Uniqueness – 9, Effort – 7

Judge 2: Design – 8, Uniqueness – 7, Effort – 8

Judge 3: Design – 8, Uniqueness – 8, Effort – 9

Total Points: 72

Zy’s Romantic Resort of Decapitated Heads

Zy's Romantic Resort

Judge 1: Design – 9, Uniqueness – 9, Effort – 7

Judge 2: Design – 7, Uniqueness – 9, Effort – 8

Judge 3: Design – 8, Uniqueness – 8.5, Effort – 8.5

Total Points: 74

And the winners are…

1st Place – Zyrax!

2nd Place – Creeper!

3rd Place – Cheese!

4th Place – Ace_Case!

Congrats to everyone who participated, they all spent a lot of time and effort on their builds and well-deserve their rewards!

To the winners , please contact me in-game about getting your rewards!

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Sights of Resdayn – Creeperton

Hello everyone, making up for the complete lack of videos last week, we have yet another new video up for you today! In today’s episode of “Sights of Resdayn”, we’re taking a look at one of the server’s many towns, Creeperton, built by Zrh5033, KesTheBa, and Shaidon in 2012. As you might expect with a town closely associated with creepers and the Thinder God, there’s a fair bit of nonsense in the air and a number of curious sights to see.

Now if you’d like to see a different build showcased in the next episode of “Sights of Resdayn”, or perhaps even one of your own constructions, you should leave a request in the comments and we’ll get to it as soon as we can!

Hope you enjoy the video, and if you missed it, the third episode of the Tour of Narsis was posted yesterday.

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A Tour of Narsis Part 3 – The Penultimate Edition

Greetings everyone, today we resume our videos of Resdayn with the next-to-last episode of the Tour of Narsis series. In this episode, we wrap up our tour of the southern districts of Narsis, including Oakwood Lake District built by Superfantastic, Godsreach District built by Irnot, and Hlaalu District built by Darkelfguy. This episode more or less covers the last of the important sights and sounds of mainland Narsis, and in the next episode we’ll finish things up with the Nether District.

While our “Tour of Narsis” videos will be coming to a close, we’ll be continuing our “Sights of Resdayn” series for as long as people keep requesting builds to be recorded. If you have something you’d like to see in a video, do let us know and we’ll get around to it eventually!

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Narsis CTF Arena Back Online

narsis-ctf-arenaAfter a lengthy delay, we’ve finally brought the Narsis CTF Arena back online. Those of you who might remember will recall we originally took the arena offline due to an incompatibility with death signs and the CTF Arena causing a number of issues. These issues have now been fixed, and you can join and play in the arena with a minimum of four players by typing /pa Narsis_CTF red or /pa Narsis_CTF blue to join one of the two arena teams. We’ve updated the Commands List on the website with additional arena commands for future reference. The cost of entry is $100, and rewards have been set for each kill and flag capture. Do let us know if you think the rewards are too great or too few in number.

Although the CTF Arena is back online, it should be pointed out that open-world PvP is still against the rules. PvP is only acceptable in the Narsis CTF Arena or the old PvP Arena outside of Bodrum, unless both parties mutually agree to PvP.

In any event, this pretty much just leaves our dynmap plugin as the last one we need to update and re-install. We’re in the process of removing old web dynmap files, and once that’s complete, we’ll update to the latest version available. You can now keep track of which plugins are installed on our Server Plugin List page, to be updated in the future with each new plugin/deactivation of each plugin.

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Server Tutorials Video and No Whitelist Weekend

This weekend we’re doing a no-whitelist event, starting on Friday and going through to Monday, anyone can login and try out the server without having to request whitelist first! We’ll also be posting advertisements on various Minecraft-related threads for the first time in nearly four months to get a bit of recruitment going. If you’re a new player, you can login to the server right away at our server IP:

Now, we’ve also posted a tutorial video for getting started on Kingdoms of Resdayn. This goes over some of the basic commands, where you can build, the server rules, and stuff like that. If you’re new, or looking to join the server, you might find this video useful. Of course, these tutorials don’t cover everything. Some of the more advanced plugins aren’t mentioned here, but our players are always helpful so if you want to know more about Runecraft or Citizens, just ask them about it!

That’s all for now, we’ll be returning to our regularly scheduled videos next week, which can now be found on their own website page.

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Official Server Trailer and Other News

Hey everyone, today we’ve got an official server trailer uploaded for Kingdoms of Resdayn, only took 29 months to make one for the server! I know the editing is a bit choppy, but it’s a first take, I’ll be making a few more trailers for the server in the future.

In any event, there’s a few announcements to make. First and foremost, we have a version of Mob Bounty on the server again called GenerousMobs, so you can expect to make money just by killing zombies again! I know everyone’s pretty happy to hear about that. Second, we’re going to do a No Whitelist Weekend this weekend. We haven’t done any advertising since early December, so its high time we get a few advertising threads out and lower the whitelist for a bit. Naturally, this means you should keep a look out for unsavory characters this weekend, but it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, our administrative staff will be keeping an eye on things.

Anyway, that’s all for now. The official Resdayn Tutorial Video will be posted this weekend, with Part 3 of the Tour of Narsis series coming next week, so stay tuned for that!

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