The End of Resdayn?

Alright, so that news title has probably startled you, and that’s good because we need to have a discussion about where Kingdoms of Resdayn is going in the future. A lot has changed since the server first opened in October of 2011, Mojang no longer owns Minecraft, Bukkit is dead, and much of the Resdayn player base has dwindled down to only a few. The fact of the matter is, this server costs $150 a month to maintain, and while donations have never been forthcoming, there hasn’t been a single one in months and I can no longer afford to keep Kingdoms of Resdayn online with current expenses.

That doesn’t mean this will be the end of course, I want to open up the fate of Resdayn to public discussion. We can move to a smaller server, after all, and I can probably afford to keep a $30 a month server going for a good while, though this will mean starting fresh with a brand new world and new server architecture. It has been pointed out to me, repeatedly, that our server worlds are essentially overpopulated graveyards of old builds, and that our server architecture is hopelessly archaic and would not be easy to update. Starting fresh may be our best chance, and since Spiggot has released support for Minecraft 1.8 we could even start out on the latest version of Minecraft and build our plugin base from there. That’s if you guys want the server to keep going though, so please let me know what your opinion is over on the forums!

Another option is to, of course, just let Resdayn die and upload the server files to DropBox so you guys can download it for your own use. Really, we’ll be uploading the server files anyway with the above option as well.

Of course, if we somehow, by some miracle, get enough donations to keep the server going, we can keep things as they are, but I have to admit I would question the wisdom of such a decision given how old everything on the server is and we would probably only be delaying the inevitable.

Anyway, please post your thoughts on what you would like to see happen to Resdayn here on the forums. The server will be shutting down on December 22nd and a full backup will be made available for public download. Please make sure to empty your player inventory into a chest to make sure everything is saved in the backup!

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