Halloween Special Event: A Night In Terror Castle!

Greetings, my fellow programs. As some of you may already be aware, I’ve been working these last few weeks to put together a special event in honor of Halloween. This event, titled, “A Night In Terror Castle”, is a horror/survival event. We will kick off the event Sunday, 26th at 2 p.m. Central 3 p.m. Eastern. You only need to show up and request to play to get tp’d to the start location. There will be in-game rewards for the person who successfully completes the event as well as other in-game prizes for runners-up. Here’s how it works.

The history of castle Ternion is steeped in terrible lore. Ages ago, the benevolent king Gahlrad fell victim to some sort of dark magic. He went mad and converted the castle, what was once the beacon of good and righteousness, into a den of evil and fear. Rumor has it, his madness turned violent and many innocent people were felled to his wrath before his own knights brought him down. Although the once good king was dead, the stain of evil seeped into every dark corner and gave life to something much MUCH worse.

Now, generations later, the castle remains as a place of myth and secrecy. Legend speaks of many foolish souls who have ventured into its grand halls, never to return to the light of day. It is said the entire wealth of the once grand kingdom lie somewhere inside and that some powerful malevolent spirit guards the castle. A spirit that despises light and life and yearns to extinguish both. Despite the shroud of dread that has befallen Ternion, it has not stopped treasure seekers and other brave/foolish adventures from attempting to root out its well guarded secrets.

You arrive home from your latest adventure. Just another in a long line of perilous journeys you have undergone in your illustrious career, but such is the world of someone as famous as yourself, isn’t it. You find slipped under your door a note. Even though it is quite small, it feels rather heavy, though not heavy in the sense of weight, but heavy on your soul, as you pick it up. The paper feels strange to the touch, like nothing you’ve ever felt before and the wax that seals it is darker then the darkest of nights. Darker than the deepest pits of the earth you’ve explored. You hesitate to open it, something inside you tells you NOT to open it, but your a famous adventurer. The local bards will be here shortly to write songs about your recent exploit, you cannot fear a small piece of parchment! So you break the seal and a feeling of unease washes over you, like the feeling of someone walking on your grave. At that moment you wish you could reseal it, turn back the clock to when your conscience was warning you not to open it, but you can’t. What’s done is done.

As you pull the letter open, its almost like a voice in your head speaks to you, telling you of its contents, but you read it just the same. Its an invitation. An invitation from the sole resident of castle Ternion and it is inviting you to take on the greatest of adventures, the ultimate of achievements. To simply survive a single night in the castle. Doing so will reward you with coveted treasure of king Gahlrad himself. For just a moment, you forget the fear the letter has imposed on you and you think of the glory and the tales that will be told about you for ages to come and you smile. You are pulled from your dreams of grandeur as you are instantly warped. When the haze of teleportation wears off, you see the foreboding castle Ternion before you. And so it begins…

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