The Fifteenth Build Competition – Happy Halloween!

Halloween Competition

Once again, it’s been a while since the last competition, but I’m happy to present the official fifteenth build competition!

*Build Challenge – Everything Halloween

This month’s challenge is to build anything related to Halloween or Tales and Tallows as it’s known in the Elder Scrolls universe. For example, you could build a giant pumpkin (or the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!), or a horror-themed haunted house, or any other Halloween-like decorations. Anything related to Halloween will be accepted, and as usual you can use any kind of building material, provided you get them yourselves. Builds will be judged in three categories: Theme (did it match the theme of the competition?), Uniqueness (did you build the same thing as everyone else?), and Design (how well is it designed?). The competition ends on November 15th.


1st Place – A download code for Rage, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the Fallout Collection on Steam, 175 diamonds, $12500 (in-game cash), and 4000xp.

2nd Place – A download code for Spelunky and Tropico 4 on Steam, 140 diamonds, $10000 (in-game cash), and 2900xp.

3rd Place – A download code for Costume Quest on Steam, 100 diamonds, $7500 (in-game cash) and 2000xp.

All Entries – 50 diamonds, $2000 (in-game cash) and 700xp.

*Note: If the winner already owns one of these games, they can request to switch them out with a similar title.

As always, this competition is as much about having fun as it is winning! Good luck!

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